School Readiness Programme

Young children’s brains are like sponges, absorbing knowledge and making new connections faster than any other time in life.


We have got to challenge the misconception that learning can wait for school; pre-school years are a critical time for the brain to develop key skills such as speech and language. Understandably Giant Leap consider having Early Years Teachers on board their team as an absolute essential to support and inspire team members, act as a fantastic role models and monitor the teaching and learning we offer to all our children from birth to five years as well as the impact our teaching has on each individual child’s development.


At Giant Leap we strongly support children through their transitions from nursery to school, by ensuring all children are school ready. We have developed very strong relationships with our local feeder primary schools and their teachers visit us on a regular basis to meet with our pre-schoolers.


We also organise school readiness workshops, which parents are welcome to attend as well as one-to-one meetings with parents.


It is our understanding to see that every child who attends Giant Leap Nursery leaves with a huge amount of confidence in their own abilities and a stimulated, inquisitive mind. They will be ready and prepared for transition to ‘big school’ and the endless opportunities it will bring.


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